Saturday, July 23, 2011

History of the Coffee Luwak

History of the Luwak coffee has been around since colonial times, story begins with the discovery of civet coffee plantation workers in the Dutch colonial era. When they see the dirt from the civet, there are beans in the dirt. And although eating mongoose, has remained intact. 
Furthermore, plantation workers were trying to clean up and process them into the coffee   grounds (still really have enough to do). When brewed with hot water and presented, it taste a cup of coffee and fresh mantab more than normal. 
Researchers in Canada have shown that the protein content present in the stomach civet coffee making ferment and mature more perfect. so the resulting flavor is more delicious than other coffees. So in short terms civet coffee is one type of coffee from coffee beans that have been eaten by animals or animal mongoose and a type of civet coffee beans had been expelled along with the civet droppings. It seems so menjijinkan, imagine that civet coffee is coffee that comes out along with the civet droppings.
Coffee Luwak is basically a type of arabica or robusta coffee is undergoing a process of fermentation in the stomach similar animals called civet Weasel. After experiencing a natural process of fermentation and processing in the stomach. Civet coffee beans are then removed simultaneously with the discharge. At the stomach, seeds are still wrapped in the skin called pergamino.
Coffee Luwak is mixed with dirt mongoose is then collected and washed so that no dirt left over the last iota and dried in the sun. After it dried coffee, coffee beans pergamino or skin removed. Disposal of the skin shows the quality and cleanliness of civet coffee is consumed because the contents of the coffee beans are not mixed with dirt.
in around 2006 began work on civet coffee very seriously, especially by PTPN XII. How price original coffee luwak Visit here 

note picture: is leaf and flowers coffee robusta


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