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Luwak Coffee and Processing

mongoose ie coffee trees mature coffee fruit is eaten by the mongoose (a type of weasel), later issued as a mongoose but dung coffee beans is not digested so that its form is still in the form of coffee beans. So in the belly of civet coffee beans undergo a process of fermentation and reissuance in the form of seeds along with Civet droppings. Furthermore, mongoose beans cleaned and processed like regular coffee.

Coffee mongoose is one way to increase value-added commodity coffee, in addition to regular coffee like regular Arabica coffee (Java coffee) and regular coffee Robusta. mongoose distinguishing coffee with regular coffee beans are eaten by Civet (a type of mongoose) and on out in the form of coffee beans, so it is more fragrant aroma and no bitter taste and bitter acids more distinctive and special.

Coffee mongoose is the most expensive kinds of beans in the world, so to get into the Guinness Book of World Records. 4 years lately mongoose coffee prices in international markets increased, and even reached U.S. $ 500/kg form of dry (water content 11.5%). Compare the price of regular coffee a number of quality which is only U.S. $ 4.5 / kg.

Coffee Notoriety mongoose has been known to foreign tourists and even overseas, there is a cafe that sells a coffee mongoose (Civet Coffee) with a costly price. from earlier times, when the Dutch colonial coffee mongoose was the top market position, both in terms of taste and price. Only, because it had not been maintained product quality continuously, although the price was in the highest positions could not be raised any higher. The main cause, coffee mongoose 100% still depend on nature.

ANIMALS mongoose (Paradoxurus hermaphrodirus)

Animals Civet (Paradoxurus hermaphrodirus) which is also called civet is a type of fruit-eating animals, including coffee fruit, usually coffee beans from the best fruit and ripe (red color). Civet coffee aroma is very fond of fruit and choose the best coffee, so the coffee fruit is less mature and dirty, will not be eaten by a mongoose. Civet animals getting extinct today, this is due to poaching. In society are believed to cure meat Asthma disease.
there are 2 (two) types of seed are often breeding Luwak coffee production for the mongoose that is Weasel and Weasel Molen Tilu traits:

• Badger / Civet (Tilu) or Black Hairy Weasel MONTH on the cheek and tip of tail feathers white (Genetics Tiger).

• Badger / mongoose (Molen) or Plain Black Hairy Weasel Binturong with no white hairs in advance / cheek and with no white feather tip tail, small head is not comparable with his huge reach the size of 30kg, as for white fur just like a gray hair in humans (Genetics Bear).

In principle, the same as the quality of products from Badger / Other Luwak. generally only the strengths of both types Weasel / Luwak is located in terms of quantity because the two types of Weasel / Luwak eating more often, it allows breeders Weasel / Civet chasing the target market.

Weasel / Civet pertained beast Meat Eaters (Carnivores) and is a fellow eaters (Cannibalism). Weasel / Civet is often a problem for farmers because of its nature in addition to eating fruits and grains are also included coffee fruit also tend to damage the coffee plantations the farmers and stealing their coffee harvest orchards, not only the most disadvantaged coffee farmers, breeders poultry and poultry owners homely feel Weasel / Civet become a big pest to them because the nature of the animal was classified as a wild animal meat eaters who are always steal and eat their birds so that no less than farmers and ranchers to hunt birds die Weasel / Civet.

But there was the secret behind the Weasel / Civet because the process of fermentation in the stomach Weasel / Civet is very famous all over the world to create the taste of Coffee Luwak Exotic Coffee (COFFEE CIVET). Moreover another advantage Weasel / Luwak is the secret behind the substance of enzymes in the digestive system in his stomach, fermentation substances in the digestive system in Weasel / Civet annunciator capable of reducing the caffeine content of coffee so that it can create enjoyment in the coffee and the coffee aroma is very fragrant Coffee or in other words become pure.

Authenticity Luwak Coffee

Authenticity is not only determined mongoose coffee at prices that soared above the level of coffee prices in general but the journey itself that begins coffee from coffee farmers began planting until the process of presentation, the entire process takes a very long and strict supervision. From the beginning of harvest, the digestive process by Weasel / Civet, drying / Water Content (%), cleaning / washing, frying pan / roaster, pulverization and Presentation mongoose will determine the quality of coffee, but most important is the process of digestion by the mongoose which is a key point of the ideals coffee taste and aroma of coffee mongoose mongoose.


Products such plantations are less well known in Indonesia. Most are exported, then by purchasing foreign producers and exported again into Indonesia. Surely the price will go much higher, because the International brand.

Mongoose coffee production in Indonesia already developed areas, especially mountainous coffee gardening. West Lampung is a very fertile area with the geographic regions largely mountainous, with altitude above 1000 meters above the sea and park directly adjacent to the southern mountain chain. majority of the people of this area of coffee and vegetables, gardening and other commodities such as resin, and rice. because most areas of West Lampung, there is still wilderness and good soil fertility levels that have never dropped out of West Lampung coffee harvest throughout the year it also supported agriculture system, cutting / connection so that the harvest was not in unison. Types of coffee grown by farmers in Indonesia and in particular are the type of West Lampung robusta coffee (dominant), and ROBINSON arabica coffee species is cultivated for coffee production mongoose. Because direct contact with animals native habitat mongoose / mongoose so that breeding is a mongoose mongoose / mongoose native place in that area.


Coffee processing coffee processing mongoose same as usual except that the fermentation process by Weasel / Luwak is made differently, the fermentation process used is actually the fruit is eaten fresh coffee beans Weasel / Civet mixed with enzymes that exist in the digestive tract Weasel / Luwak is located inside the abdomen Weasel / Civet during + 2 hours to +12 hours, it makes the process of fermentation in the digestive tract Weasel / Civet be perfect so as to create the exotic taste of coffee brewed coffee aroma is also very delicious.

Treatment processes that have been developed through several stages namely:

1. From Fruit Red Coffee / Cook stem.
2. Coffee beans are eaten Weasel / Civet. The fermentation process in the digestive tract Weasel / Civet over + 2 + hours up to 12 hours.
3. Manure drying / Brenjel Raw under the hot sun (FULL SUN drying) Up to 20% Remaining Water Levels Up By 25%.
4. Separation From Ari skin Pound Coffee Beans With Manual mode / tradisonal By Lesung or using machine crushed (to be Greenbean / Rice / Sand Luwak Coffee is ready for frying).
5. Sort Rice Dry Luwak Coffee Beans Best Coffee Beans Namely intact Net.
6. Back drying Rice / Luwak Coffee Beans Under the blazing sun (FULL SUN drying) Up to 10% Remaining Water Levels Up By 13%.
7. Clean Up laundering.
8. Drying of Water Back Up Remaining 10% Up To 13% Back early.
9. Frying / pengsangraian with manual / traditional firewood is also a traditional frying pan with an iron. Or by the-oven.
10. To color the product composed of black (CITY Roast), brown-black and brownish. The color depends on the duration of the frying pan. In general, the coffee connoisseur on the people of Indonesia and Asia prefer the kind of coffee that is cooked until black (City Roast). While to some Asian countries like Korea, Japan, Taiwan they like blackish brown. While for the European region prefers the color brown.
11. Pulverization, using a grinding tool that can create true-bnear smooth.
12. Furthermore, after the process is powder after cooled and packaged in accordance with a measure of customer orders, Packing Using the sterill to keep the coffee grounds stay fresh for months and even up to a year.

GUARANTEE authenticity of the product

Number of coffee products and coffee producers mongoose mongoose so the competition level will increase, cheating in trade are often encountered in the field so that will indirectly harm consumers and create original product mongoose coffee would decrease the quality and price. Coffee production depends on the animal mongoose mongoose, mongoose capacity of food and farming is very limited, since no specific research in animal behavior was in ferment the coffee, the trend of irresponsible parties make deceptive product by mongoose coffee mixed with coffee ordinary. With the goal of keeping the quantity increases, Automatic it will impact at all on customer satisfaction. Thus guarantees the authenticity of coffee products mongoose must exist. Guarantee the authenticity of these products other than coffee mongoose has been recognized by health dipartemen and parties related to food quality inspector, can also be seen directly to the address of the manufacturer, and can perform the MOU agreement between both parties.


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