Saturday, May 21, 2011

Civet Coffee / coffee Luwak Not Contain Pesticides

Hello true coffee lovers, if you like to drink coffee in one day more than 2 times then you better start now turn to Civet Coffee because the content of pesticides in the regular coffee in general is very risky for you and can cause cancer, ADHD in children , disorders of the nervous system and weaken the immune system.

Pesticides are often referred to as ''poison'' but for the farmers who use pesticides to prevent damage to the crop due to pests or spoilage. Although a certain amount of pesticide use for crops can still be tolerated by our bodies but it would be much better if as much as possible to avoid pesticides.

But now we do not really worry about the coffee-containing pesticides such as you can still enjoy free coffee with your own. Decent coffee drink and not risk the health and it is "civet coffee". Why? Because pesticides on Luwak coffee has been "cleaned" naturally in animal stomachs often called civet or Luwak.

Luwak Coffee is a type of coffee that comes from coffee cherries that have been fed by animal mongoose (paradoxorus hermaphroditus) and experienced fermentation in the bowels of the animal mongoose. Coffee fruit seeds will not be destroyed in the digestive system of animals such as civet coffee beans in the coffee fruit encased by a hard cuticle and can not be destroyed in the belly of the animal mongoose.

According to Drs. Phaidon L Toruan healthy living expert from Jakarta Anti-aging & Executive Fitness Consultant is in contact on August 21, 2010 by detikHealth Civet Coffee has several advantages other than coffee, especially coffee is cultivated naturally in the stomach of the animal mongoose, net of toxic hazards pesticides. Mongoose is also the most intelligent of animals to choose foods that are going on feeding, automatic coffee comes from the belly of this mongoose is the best coffee.

Still according to Dr. Phaidon is also author of "Fat Loss Not Weight Loss", Fermentation in the stomach of animals mongoose gives the chemical composition changes in coffee beans, coffee taste quality, lower protein levels of automation and higher fat.

The same was conveyed by Dr. Ir Yadi Haryadi, MSc Food Technology IPB Expert (Bandung Institute of Agriculture) and add if not regular coffee Luwak coffee is likely a mixture of coffee that has been cooked with coffee that is still young so that makes the coffee taste any less delicious and reduce the qualit


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