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Coffee Producing Countries in World

Coffee Producing Countries

BRAZIL.This vast country is one country that dominates the world coffee production. Brazil is a manufacturer and exporter of coffee and is the nation's biggest coffee drinkers in the world's second largest. Coffee grown in the southeastern coastal area, from Pernambuco in the north to the Parana in the south. Most of the planting areas tend to freeze during the winter in Brazil. Severe winter could damage the crop Lopi, which seriously affect the world market price for coffee.
Production and trade of coffee in Brazil employs more than five million people and 30% of world coffee supply.

COLOMBIA, For years, Colombia has produced the world's best coffees. They have a balance of flavors and excellent depth of flavor. Coffee is produced from three Cordilleras mountain range that is part of the northern Andes.
Colombia is a supplier of coffee terbedar second with 10% market share.

COSTA RICA,Costa Rica is known as 'Little Switzerland' of Central America. The country has one of the best coffee industry after developing the quality of coffee production for many years.Coffee beans are very complex, delicious with a delicate acid levels. These flavors can be issued when the coffee is prepared using coffee filters or coffee maker cafetière.

ETHIOPIA, Arabica coffee plant is believed to come from Ethiopia that can still be found as wild plants here. This vast country produces some of the most unique coffee in the world.
HawaiiHawaii is the only U.S. state where coffee is grown commercially.

GUATEMALA,Half of the southern part of Guatemala is an area of ​​the Sierra Madre. These high mountains create the perfect climate for growing coffee.German immigrants in Guatemala developed a cultivation technique in extreme weather conditions. They burn rubbish near the plantations in bad weather and thick smoke that will protect the trees from the ice and produce smoke flavor to the beans.

INDIA, Although it has been long associated with tea, India is one of the oldest coffee-producing regions in the world. In the early 1600s a pilgrim named Baba Budan visited Mecca, and smuggle a few coffee beans out of Arabia to be hidden in his robes, and planted them in India.

INDONESIA, Indonesia produces some excellent coffee. The Netherlands was first introduced to coffee grown in Java in the mid-seventeenth century, it includes an earlier generation of coffee production in parts of the world (Asia Pacific). Seeds are rich in flavor so that it will be maintained during the addition of milk or cream.

JAMAICA, Blue Mountain is produced at altitudes above 5,000 feet above sea level on the tropical island of Jamaica and pretty. The classification is given only for the Blue Mountain coffee from the area east of St.. Thomas, Portland and St.. Andrews. Increasing demand raises the scarcity of copies of this unique and this is reflected by the price is higher than average prices.

KENYA, Kenya produces some of the best coffee, famous for the super seeds, rich in flavor and rich aroma and an excellent quality.

MEXICO, This vast country is one of the largest coffee producer in the world, although it is cultivated in small plantations. Mexico coffee is smooth and characterized by mild and much liked by the countries of North America.

IVORY COAST. Côte d'Ivoire on the west coast of Africa to produce coffee as a result of the two main plantation, after the chocolate. The resulting coffee is robusta coffee, which seems more robust and mengadung more caffeine than arabica coffee grown in the higher regions.Coffee grows mainly in small plantations, but some big companies also exist. Cocoa trees are often used as shade plants to protect coffee plants. Coffee-flavored coffee from the Ivory Coast robust and ideally suited for heavy roasting.

PERU, Climate and soil structure in the country of Peru is very possible to produce the characteristic smooth coffee. Unfortunately, the country Peru has undergone many political and economic problems and consequently participate damaging the quality of their coffee.

TANZANIA, Shortly after the end of World War II, Mr.. HR. Higgins chance to taste a superb coffee.That is coffee from East Africa who have a kinship in terms of flavor with coffee from South America. Coffee beans are getting attention because it contains acid levels are lower than most Kenyan coffee but coffee is more concentrated than Colombia. This coffee, called Chagga, produced by the Wa-Chagga people who live and farm on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

VIETNAM, Vietnam is one of the three main coffee-producing countries, second only to Brazil. In the late 19th-century colonial French introduced coffee in highland areas in the country, an area which is suitable for growing coffee. Nearly all coffee grown in Vietnam is Robusta coffee. One of the most sought after and expensive coffee in Vietnam is 'caphe cut chon' or 'fox dung coffee', which is made from coffee beans that have been eaten and passed through the digestive tract weasel. The process improves the taste of beans and making coffee preferred by experts around the world.
Vietnam produces 7.5% of world coffee production.

YEMEN, The oldest coffee plants are cultivated in the world grow on the slopes of the mountain in Yemen at altitudes over 4,500 feet. Coffee plants are monitored and maintained by local farmers who have cultivated and processed coffee with the same techniques for centuries. Coffee plant thrives in this area because of the many springs that flow into rivers and rapids. Coffee here is planted with the help of irrigation, dried naturally and without using chemicals. Yemen coffee beans have a unique taste, was sent through the ancient harbor at Mocha. Coffee is grown in the mountains of northern Yemen coffee is the oldest and most traditional in the world, is also one of the world's best coffee.

ZIMBABWE, Chihosa Estate in the highlands of eastern Zimbabwe at an altitude of 5600 feet above sea level and has been running since 1990, by family Cugnet. This coffee has an impressive quality and taste; has a rich sense of character with impressive soft acid levels.

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