Monday, July 4, 2011

History of Coffee in Indonesia

History of Coffee in Indonesia

Coffee was first planted in Indonesia since 1696 century of the Arabica type. Coffee was first planted on the island of Java. Since then, arabica coffee growing and began to be planted in other areas such as Sumatra, Bali and SulawesiThe development of arabica coffee plants began to recede with the leaf rust diseaseterserangnya (Hemileia vastatrix) since 1876; which survive only in the highlands (1000m asl) where the disease is not so strong.

As an alternative, imported coffee robusta species in 1875. Apparently this type is able to survive against leaf rust disease. Therefore, robusta coffee began to replace thearabica species, especially in areas with an altitude below 1,000 m asl and began tospread throughout the region both in Java, Sumatra, and in eastern IndonesiaSince the Government of Indonesia to pull out of the Dutch East Indies, plantationcontinues to grow and expand, while private estates survive only in Central Java, EastJava and some parts of Sumatra, and the state plantation (PTPN) only lived in EastJava and Central Java.

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